Thursday, May 1, 2014

Warm Weather Beauty

I know I'm not the only one who equates spring/summer weather with all kinds of lighter layers—both in clothing and in beauty! I like to shed a lot of my makeup when it's warmer and opt for just a few layers of skincare—moisturizer, sunscreen, and a sheer tint, topped off with a bright lip and a hint of a cat-eye. 
If you're irked that all the images I've gathered for my beauty moodboard are blondes, well, hey—I go with what I know! I've always been a blonde but in the summer sun my hair really bleaches out. It takes a lot longer now that I work a desk job and not at a pool (insert nostalgic sighs for summers past here), but I definitely get a white-ish blonde layer on top and I fully expect this summer to be no exception. I'm already prone to letting my hair keep the mind of its own that's developed, but in the summer I really let it go and opt for braids, beach-y waves and tousled tresses as much as possible. Even if I won't be spending this summer on any other beaches than New York's, I'd like to pretend I can fool passer-by into thinking I just got back from a Mexico vacay.
So, tell me—how do you simplify your routine for warm weather?

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