Tuesday, May 20, 2014

High(lighter) Color

Oy, vey! I don't know about you, but the last week or so has been a bit of a doozy—and not in a good way. I kicked off last Monday by slipping on 7th Avenue, banging up my knee (& flashing everyone a peek under my dress in the process). On Friday morning I woke up with laryngitis, foolishly thinking things couldn't get much worse. Three hours of my Friday night were spent in heavy rain, waiting for a bus to D.C. to see friends. 
Never again, Megabus. While the weekend was nice, my voice hasn't really come back, which resulted in me taking a sick day yesterday & spending most my day re-watching episodes of True Blood #guiltypleasure. 
Here's hoping this next week, with plane travel Friday and my birthday on Monday, is better!
 New York City (and pure laziness) have certainly influenced my style over the last few years to become more neutral. It's a lot easier to get dressed in the morning when I know I'm throwing on a white tee, jeans, sneakers or ankle boots, and maybe a cardigan. Every now & again though I just need to wake everything back up with some color. This was one of those days where I started with the neon pants—a favorite—and kept piling on from there.
The funny thing is, I'm actually more comfortable in an abundance of color than I am in anything low-cut, short or revealing, so I didn't realize I was dressed like a highlighter until I got to Brooklyn (where the uniform is black leggings, neutral sneakers, oversize white tees and black leather jackets) and caught all the stares and side-eye coming my way. I'll never understand why people are so suspicious of wearing color!

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  1. This like my favorite ever. We need to hang out and wear neon head to toe together! Soooo funnnn :)