Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vibrant Color

Ahh, colorful street art! Every time I see the mural on the Bowery Wall, my mood is instantly lifted. My company has a store around the corner and when I first spotted the change in mural (I'm not sure how well-known this is, but they commission artists to change the mural on the wall every few months. The last one featured a lot of portraits if I remember correctly!) I knew I had to get in front of it for some photos at some point. Sadly, this was not the day I was dressed like a human highlighter, but maybe it's a good thing I was a little more neutral for a change. 
I wore this to a (seriously yummy) brunch with Emily at Balthazar a few weeks ago when the sun finally decided to come out and warm up the city for a day. About halfway through our photo taking session it felt like my jacket was adhering to my skin...not a pleasant feeling, but a welcome change from constantly shivering.
Another quick tidbit about the mural—the artist's name is Maya Hayuk and she's done some amazing work around the world. You can check a full list of all the walls she's painted here; I highly recommend checking one out if it's in your area!

I've also been on a street-art spotting and 'gramming kick, and this is another favorite of mine recently spotted in SoHo. Don't be surprised if you see it pop up in the background of some photos soon!
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