Thursday, July 10, 2014

Downtown Goes Uptown

In the spirit of doing & seeing as much as I can this summer (and sometimes that means spending an entire Sunday laying in the park with a book), a few friends & I decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few weeks ago to catch the Charles James exhibit and enjoy the amazing rooftop view (looks a lot like I'm holding green juice, right? Well, let me tell you...there was a hefty dose of gin buried in all that cucumber + kale, too). 
I'm having a bit of a dilemma lately wherein I hate e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in my closet. My style has evolved + simplified a lot of the last couple years, so a few weeks ago I did a serious purge and dumped 90% of it at Buffalo Exchange & my local thrift shop (you can find the rest here!). Considering I didn't own much in the way of summer clothes until the last few years—because when you're a lifeguard for seven years, you pretty much run around in your swimsuit for 3+ months and throw on cheap, easy sundresses for bar patios at night—it's still a less-than-robust area of my wardrobe. 
SO, when you're going to the Upper East Side—known for its poise and old money—it's time to step it up...right? Wrong. I tried on just about every dress I own, and while the masses of floral-print sundresses I have (thanks, Target!) are great for the beach or the park, I feel like I'm dressing too "young" for who I am today when I wear them out and about. Which is how I settled on a neon mini-skirt and Pink Floyd crop top. Sometimes I'll get dressed, and while I'm not excited by whatever I'm wearing, it gets me through the day. Other times, I feel completely myself despite looking a little out-there, and this was one of those days...even if it meant shocking some UESiders with a flash of belly button here and there ;)