Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Relaxed City Style

Normally by today, I'd be grumbling about how it's only Tuesday and thinking about how to make the weekend get here faster…no rushed thoughts necessary when there's a holiday weekend on the horizon, though! This week is a killer at work (we're having a really huge sale), but I'm like a high schooler anxiously awaiting the last bell of the year on Thursday so I can dive right into a three and a half-day weekend!
I'm not really big on holidays, but the Fourth of July is a little different to me. There's something about it that sweetly and supremely signals summer and it's no secret this season and I have a love affair every year. It's also one of the few holidays and long weekends I get where I'm not traveling (my birthday usually falls around Memorial Day and I'm often traveling to a friend's wedding; Labor Day will again be spent at home for my sister's wedding!) and there are a few added perks tied closely to it: beautiful, warm weather and a nearly-empty city.
I daydream about having a house in the Hamptons to escape to just like any other NY'er (and if you have a friend with one that you want to introduce me to, I wouldn't say no), but there's something magical about exploring the best parts of the city without all the usual people and masses of tourists crowding the sidewalks and museums and restaurants. I've got a little list of places I should hit up going already, but I'd love some additional suggestions! What's your favorite place to go in the city that's usually impossible to get in to?

PS—If you're in the market for a hairstylist in NYC, I cannot recommend Hazuki Hair in Midtown East enough! I usually get my hair cut back home, but my travel schedule this year has thrown everything out of whack and I was sporting so many split ends I was starting to cut them off myself. The stylist took her time and I don't think my hair's looked this healthy in a few years!


  1. Hey girl hey! You look fab. So glad you loved Hazuki! xx

  2. I like the accessories. The sunglasses & watch add just the right touch of detail & pizzazz. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

  3. The sweet touches of blue in this ensemble are lovely. Hints of metallic offer a modern edge to this classic summer look.