Thursday, July 17, 2014

That Face

Somehow, this week has gotten away from me and my first post of the week is going up on a Thursday. Also, can we talk about how it's already Thursday? I know discussing the quick passage of time isn't exactly a "new" thing, but I'm still amazed at where it goes when I sit down to think about it. Summer is going to be over before we even realize it…I'll be ending mine in Iowa, so I really only have a few short weeks left of summer in NYC! Better get moving on my mini-to-do list.
If you live in NYC and we mingle in some of the same areas, there's a really good chance you've passed me on the street in this dress lately. It's a Zara sale find that almost didn't happen…I'd been eyeing it (yes, there's a pun in there) online before the sale started, but didn't rush to make a purchase that night and it sold out in my size within a few hours. Fast forward a week and I found myself in the Fifth Avenue store before dinner with a friend,  and there's a handful left! But all in a size M (I think the entire store was left in a size M, which in hindsight probably saved me a lot of money). I bought it anyways, and the rest, as they say, is history. I actually favor the looser fit over something skintight, so "the face" and I have become fast friends.

Photos by Ashley Manfred