Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Governor's Island

A few weeks ago I unexpectedly had a friend in town for the weekend, so my plans for laundry & cleaning quickly switched to beaches, brunch, a little shopping in Nolita (my favorite neighborhood for it!) and a ride across the ferry to Governor's Island in search of the mythical hammock grove
The trip over happened on a whim. We didn't feel like spending forever and a day on the subway to get somewhere quiet/relaxing (and where I'm not tempted to spend money...sorry, NoLIta/SoHo!), so I suggest hopping a train downtown to catch the ferry to the island for a few hours. Also, a catch to note—it's not free anymore! I was a little disappointed to have to pay, but at least it's only $2/roundtrip. 

Parts of the island were busy with kids, parents and lots o' tourists-on-bikes (I suggest walking on the grass to steer clear, as I don't entirely trust their pedaling skills), but there's still plenty of space to wander around, and various old buildings and houses are open on the weekends because of exhibits. They're mostly emptied of furniture now, but I like imagining how the rooms might have been filled and what it would have been like to live there
Some serious, long wandering (the island is WAY bigger than it looks) finally led us back to the mythical hammocks, but it was a little disappointing...the weather was near-90 degree, not a cloud in the sky. The trees were only planted in the last year, so I suggest slathering on some major SPF (which you should be doing anyways!) before you head out there. We finally found an open one to hop in for a little while right after taking these pics, but by that point the sun was getting to me and I was ready to head for the air-conditioned subway ride home...so of course we had to wait 15 minutes on the platform. Life in NYC, am I right?

P.S. I spent last night #GlamFamChat'ing with Hallie on the best tips & tricks for instagram. Check out the feed on Twitter here, or for a more condensed version head over to her blog!