Monday, April 28, 2014

Vintage Punk

It's amazing what a closet clean out will re-accquaint you with, especially when you don't actually have a closet.
 My clothes are stored in every conceivable place in my apartment: jammed in my dresser, in a storage bench at the end of my bed, nice dresses in the one closet I share, out-of-season clothes in suitcases in said closet, more things packed away in canvas storage under my bed. I've been endlessly editing my wardrobe this year to cut down on what I don't need and make sense of what I have—which is how I happened upon this thrifted skirt again (last seen here).
Since the weather's still not fully cooperating with my spring fantasy, I had to layer it up for a mild weekend downtown, which also meant I was reaching for sneakers instead of heels (sorry I'm not sorry—and no, I'm not over my #sneakerhead phase yet). This skirt was one of the first things I successfully thrifted and felt good about. It looked terrible on the hanger, as many items in thrift stores are wont to do, but my cousin convinced me to put it on and I immediately admired the quirky silhouette and fabric.
Jacket (similar) || Pickwick & Weller T-Shirt || Thrifted Skirt 

Tell me—what's your favorite thing you've ever thrifted? 


  1. I scored a pair of Ferragamo's for $35 and my favorite Lacoste polo.

    Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache

  2. That skirt is so unique! Great find.

  3. Love it! you rock this look!

  4. That skirt is amazing! Love the colour and texture.


  5. Your skirt is so cool! My best find is this totally impractical but incredible leopard print calf-hair coat :)