Monday, June 3, 2013

Beach Bum

I am a self-proclaimed beach girl all the way, and somehow the last couple weekends have worked out in my favor! Over Memorial Day weekend, my mom & I headed out to Coney Island (which is at the complete opposite end of the subway line from where I live) to spend a few hours wandering the boardwalk and getting some sand in our toes. This weekend, a friend and I drove to Jones Beach on Saturday to soak up some sunshine (we both got sunburned, oops) and listen to the waves crash on the shore.

While we were there, I found out I would be headed to Southampton on Sunday! My company recently opened a store in the area for the season with an apartment set aside that was just begging to be used. I hopped on the jitney yesterday afternoon & got here just in time to meet up with Hallie and Jessica for a little while before they headed back to the city. Unfortunately, it's raining today, but it's supposed to die down by the afternoon & I'm seriously looking forward to a stroll on the beach and perusing some of the cute shops on the picturesque main streets. In the meantime, here's a couple snaps from my beach days the last few weeks.


  1. That ferris wheel makes me feel like I'm tripping. Not that I would know, exactly, but you know what I mean?

    Great photos! Hooray for summer!


  2. sounds so fun! I would love to be in the beach in Southampton right now - hope you have a lovely time!


  3. Lovely beach pictures, makes me want to be on the beach RIGHT NOW! If only the rain would stop long enough for a road trip to the beach!

    New follower dear x

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  4. great photos!
    i'm a beach girl too :D
    would you like to follow each other on blgolovin and gfc? let me know so i can follow back :)

  5. That picture of you with the sunnies and leopard swimsuit is SO ADORABLE!!!!