Monday, November 18, 2013

In The Rain

 It's pretty easy to be jaded about photography these days, with anyone and everyone thinking they're a photographer with their iPhone and cheap dSLR cameras and photos of food/coffee and flowers and sunsets (don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of coffee & flower & sunset snaps, too). Add in all the filters and apps and things get seriously skewed—don't even get me started on "desaturating" images in Photoshop and calling it black and white! Thankfully, there are still some gems hidden out there on the web, even on Instagram. 

But, OK, rant over...and on to some images from a photographer recently shared with me by a friend. I'm not sure much about the photographer other than that he posts as "Yodamandu," shoots with a Leica M series and is based in Strasbourg. Oh, and his photos are STUNNING. These are from his series simply called Rain, but make sure you check out his entire feed if you have time.
All images via Yodamandu