Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weekly Wants

Let me bring you up date to on weather in NYC & really, across a lot of the U.S., too—it got cold this week. And by cold I mean I woke up to snow flurries outside my window yesterday morning (which meant I decided to oversleep, oops). As I'm sure I said many a time last year, I hate dislike hate winter. And snow, and cold, and short days, the list goes on and on! Since I have to suffer through it, though, I've got my eye on a lot of warm accessories, like cashmere gloves, oversize scarves and lots of leather (my kind of LOL). I'm aware it's a little ironic that there are no coats or sweaters in this, but trust me-a leather cami with a blazer on top will keep me warm like nothing else. Thankfully, we're going to get a little boost of warm weather over the weekend—don't be surprised if you run into me out in a t-shirt, celebrating it for the last time I can!

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