Friday, November 8, 2013

Words to Live By

I've made allusions to changes in my life over the last several weeks, and I suppose it's time I share with you that the biggest was leaving my job of nearly two years for a new company. Because of the industry I work in and nature of online media these days, I don't believe in divulging much about my work life no matter if it's good or bad, but I will say that I'd grown complacent and it was time for a new challenge. It was also a surprisingly hard decision for me to make (much harder than my decision to move to NYC, which you now know was really somewhat impulsive, unless you count leaving behind my baby). 

The funny thing is, instead of overwhelming me, making a big, empowering choice has rippled throughout my life and given me (even more) confidence to forge ahead where I really want to. I feel like I'm starting to form a plan—and as someone who notoriously couldn't plan further than a week in advance for years, that's a big friggin' deal. My 25th birthday is rapidly approaching (I know, I know-that's not that old to some of you, but in my defense I'll have been out of college for more than four years by the time it hits!) and I need some direction. Instead of doing things like fantasizing about a trip to Europe or an apartment with a bedroom bigger than a walk-in closet, I want to be planning a trip to Europe and moving (minus the fees, please) to a bigger apartment bedroom. Baby steps, right? I've never been one to shy away from my responsibilities or act irresponsibly, so I thankfully don't have mistakes I need to truly own going forward—and I'm not saying I haven't made mistakes, just that I'm quite content owning them already—but I plan on being around for a while and it's time to make things happen. Unfortunately, shoe collection, that means you're going to stay stagnate for a while so I can act a little more like the adult I am.*

The things I want aren't going to come easy, but #NoPressureNoDiamonds.

*Ed. note: Since I am an adult, dinner was chips, guac & caramel Hershey's kisses while I wrote this.
Followed by hot chocolate. Baby steps, right?

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  1. Hah, sounds like my usual dinner! Congrats on your new job. I think most people can relate to needing a change, so good for you that you're making one. I hope it goes well! Good point about planning, I'm with clothes collection needs to stall and the saving-for-things-I-actually-want-to-do needs to take precedence.

  2. 25 was the hardest Bday for me yet (I'm 31)!

  3. omg no pressure no diamonds. I love you.

  4. Good for you! Change is a hard thing, but it sounds like you made an exciting (and right!) choice for you!

  5. So exciting, Rose! Congrats!! So, so happy for you. Exciting changes... And by the way: 25 was one of my FAVORITE, most exciting years. Onward to adventure! :)



  6. Congrats!! and good luck in your new path !! I think I should have those lights on my wall