Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Reading

Wow, it's been an embarrassingly long time since I've done a link-love style post! I suppose I think they're so easy to do that I'll do it the night before/morning I want the post up, but somehow that never seems to happen (except this morning, thank you Sunday!). It's also tough because I prep a lot of my posts for the upcoming week over the weekend, but I never know what's going to catch my eye or happen in my life for a link love/Friday post. I've been telling myself for weeks that I'm going to spend that next weekend relaxing, getting things done around my apartment and doing some serious (blog) work...but that never seems to happen. I'm far too easily sidetracked by day trips to the Hamptons or upstate, brunches, coffee (lots) and the chance to wander the streets of NYC while it's still nice out. Oh, and let's not forget the puppies! Scout's honor (although I'm not a scout, so I don't think that holds weight here) I'm working on consistency. We all know it's not my forte.

Overwhelmed by the response this post has received from friends all over the country-if you want to see more writing like this, please let me know in the comments!

A delicious-sounding recipe for salt and honey pie.

Adding this chunky knit to my collection for winter.

Love this great list of bars that NYC's bartenders like to drink at. (A few of my favorites are on there-Amor y Amargo and Lantern's Keep!)

Have you seen Real-Life Instagram yet? Definitely a good laugh.

Bookmarking Lulu & Georgia's gift page for the holidays!

I know Dia de Muertos is over, but I still want some of these beautiful cookies from Dean & DeLuca.

Now's the perfect time to stock up on gardening supplies for next year-like this bright yellow watering can (so fun!).

Alpaca wool & silk throw, perfect for all the nights I won't want to leave my couch this winter.

What to do with all those apples from the orchard.

Great tips for removing stains from just about anything (coming to you from the queen of I-spill-on-everything).

Getting my sweet tooth fix with this baked donuts recipe.

Recently saw that Victoria & Grace have signed up for French lessons-I studied it for 10 years but am a little out of practice. Checking out classes in NYC here!

*image copyright Rose Mayo/Blonde in this City

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