Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dream Home: Gardens and Greens

It's time to change up this #dreamhome series a little bit. While I love finding a well styled, fully finished house, more often than not I find myself coming across thematically similar rooms and exteriors that I want to share with you but frequently can't find more photos from the same house. Starting this week, Wednesday's #dreamhome post is going to relate to a specific theme or idea, whether it's a color or decorating style or type of room. There will still be the occasional full home tour, but this opens the gates to share so many of the amazing things I come across with you!

This week's post is all about gardens & greens, inspired in part my my own little urban garden that's slowly growing on my back porch. There's something incredibly soothing in coming home every evening to tend to and water the various herbs and plants I have growing-and sometimes I'm rewarded, like tonight with three sweet little strawberries! Summer makes me miss where I grew up more than any other season. I spent every spring and summer watching my mom garden (and once mistook very hot peppers for cherry tomatoes-I didn't eat either for nearly 15 years after) in our huge acre of a backyard, and whenever she visits we always make sure to go to the New York Botanical Gardens-way higher on our list than any other tourist attraction! We spent my birthday there just a few weeks ago. One of these days, I hope I have an apartment with a little bit of green space outside to truly start my own little urban garden.
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  1. oh my goodness, so incredibly beautiful and inspiring. Fabulous post, love.

    xo, Anna

  2. The last two are absolutely to die for!