Monday, June 10, 2013

Snapshots & Updates

I feel like I have been going, going, going lately yet have seemed to get so little done and it has only just begun! I thought I'd take a minute to slow down & update all of you on where I've been (and why Blonde has been feeling a little neglected). 

The beginning of this year was a little rough, with trips home and back every few weeks, followed by a whirlwind of events and prepping for market week at work. My mom came out to NYC for my birthday, but unfortunately we didn't get to have as much fun as I'd hoped (thanks to some lots of rain & me being sick). I've spent the last few weekends "taking it easy" since my weeks are usually filled with work and events, but the reality has been lots of cleaning, organizing and errand running that I've been putting off for weeks-or months! 

My trip to Mexico is rapidly approaching (current countdown: 9 days), which means trying to tackle a huge to do list before I go. I had a surprisingly productive weekend, but of course the one thing I didn't get to that is always on my list is an update for this blog. Some big & bigger changes are in my plans right now! Something I have been better at is posting to instagram more frequently, which I don't do near often enough despite the massive numbers of photos I take. Sharing a few of my recent favorites with you below, and don't forget you can follow along with me in real(ish) time!

A few other things on my radar recently: 

Gap featured photos from this post on their Facebook & Pinterest!

These shoes are (finally!) half off-time to make them mine.

I want to go to every single place on Refinery29's no-plane-required list for vacations near NYC.

Meg Biram perfectly sums up my feelings about this Vogue spread with Kate Upton.

Hallie puts together a great mood board to kick off every month-I feel like this is something I should start doing, even if I don't post it!

I have been living in this Pickwick & Weller t-shirt. Need to get more colors, ASAP!

Seeing Song of Style blogger Aimee Song's closet on Glamour made me daydream about a day when I won't be sharing a closet with three other people (love you, roomies!).

Lastly, if Monday was a person... (definitely made me giggle. Happy Monday!).


  1. Beautiful outfit and post. I've nominated you for a Liebester award.

    Go have a look at my blog for more details.


  2. That necklace is so freakin gorgeous!! Where is it from?!?! Oh, and need to know the name of that nail color! Im obsessed with it!!! I have been looking for something similar but haven't been crazy about anything until now!
    Footprints in the City

  3. Love all the bright colors!

  4. your instagrams are so colourful! love those floral shorts :) happy monday lady!


  5. If Monday was a person? Perfection.

    1. haha right?? A friend sent it to me, so spot on.

  6. I love the gold and clear necklace! Your instagram looks amazing!

    Hope you can stop by my blog! xo
    Corporate Catwalk
    Facebook Page

  7. Love your tattoo I'm spotting in those pictures! :)