Friday, June 21, 2013

Vacation Essentials: Liz of Eldy's Pocket

Hi Blonde in This City readers, Liz here from Eldy’s Pocket, so excited to be posting over here today while Rose is on vacation!

When Rose approached me about writing a travel related guest post and started with you can choose anywhere in the world, money doesn’t matter kind of dream vacation, my mind was immediately racing with thoughts of where I would go. My ideal vacation is equal parts culture and relaxation.  I’ve always wanted to explore the Mediterranean coast so after a few Google searches, I landed on the island of Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean Sea about 80 miles from Valencia.  Even though I'm currently daydreaming about Europe, these are a few of my travel essentials for any beach vacation.

1. A couple of nips. These little guys are less than 3 oz. so you can toss one or two into your cosmetics carryon to ease in flight nerves or loosen up before landing. Try to think about what will be available to mix with like vodka with cran or Jack and Coke. 

2. Noise Canceling Headphones. A new playlist and some noise canceling or reducing headphones are an absolute must for me while traveling. There is nothing worse than a crying baby on a long flight. 

3. A travel journal or Notebook. I like to have a notebook to jot down ideas (you never know when inspiration will strike!), directions, recommendations or memories. These kate spade ones are too cute!

4. Nail Polish. Whether I get a mani before vacation starts or do it myself, I always like to pack the color I’m wearing for any mid-vacation touch ups. Chipped polish is the worst. I’m currently loving all shades of coral for summer.

5. A lightweight moisturizer with sunscreen. Perricone MD Photo Plasma is super lightweight and feels luxurious on your skin. It also creates a protective shield between your face and the sun and wind. With 30 SPF broad-spectrum protection, this is a great moisturizer for skin that’s going to be on the beach all day.

6. Kiehl’s Deeply Restorative Hair Oil. A couple days of sun, wind and salt water your hair will need a little TLC.  This hair oil helps restore shine and reduce frizz. Plus, the plastic bottle is easy to toss in your beach bag!

7. Beach tote. Call me crazy, but I rarely bring any of my favorite handbags on vacation with me. I prefer a larger, durable bag for toting through the airport. This J. Crew tote is a great, inexpensive option for both the airport and the beach.  

8. A hat. I like to throw on a hat to hide bed head for an early flight and keep the sun off my face while at the beach. Words of advice, pack a smaller hat that you could put in your carry on if you get sick of wearing it. While floppy hats are awesome for the beach, they aren't as easy to travel with.

9. A versatile cover up. Since luggage space is valuable, I like to pack items that can do double duty.  Transitional pieces like a cover up that's also suitable to wear as a dress is perfect for laying out in the morning and shopping in the afternoon.

This has been a lot of fun and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is craving a beach vacation now. What are you travel essentials? Feel free to stop by and visit Eldy's Pocket

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