Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nantucket Musts: Kelly in the City

Hello, fashionistas! My name is Kelly Larkin, and I run the New York City-based blog Kelly in the City. I've been a big fan of Blonde in the City for a while now (also love its name!), so I'm super excited and flattered to be guest blogging today. As Rose is away on vacation (so jealous!), what better to talk about than favorite getaway spots?!

My favorite vacation location is Nantucket. I'm obsessed. I've been visiting the tiny island for years, as my cousins live there during the summer. It's a beautiful, quaint little community that, in my opinion, every preppy girl should visit at least once! It's one of the only places I've ever been where it's totally acceptable--encouraged, even--to wear Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers on a daily basis. The island really has its own dress code. Wear anything bright, monogrammed or nautical-themed, and you're good to go.
Getting to Nantucket can be a little difficult, but I find that this is part of the island's allure. Think ferries and tiny prop planes. When you step off that ferry or plane, though, all the trouble seems worth it. You're greeted by stunning lighthouses, cobble stone streets, and shingled cottages and mansions.

Besides spending a ton of time on the beach, I recommend the following activities:

1. Visit Brant Point Lighthouse: It's Nantucket's most iconic. From its base, you'll have sweeping views of harbor. Gorgeous! Bring a camera.

2. Have dinner at the Jetties Restaurant: This is my favorite restaurant on the island. I might be a little biased because my cousins work there as waitresses, but seriously. Go. It offers a casual and fun atmosphere right on Jetties Beach, and it won't break the bank. You can even have drinks in the sand while you wait for your table! I can't wait for my cousins to get married because I'm sure one of them will have her reception there. It's beautiful! Amazing lobster pizza, too.

3. Go off-roading in an SUV on the beach to visit Great Point Lighthouse and see the seals: While you need a permit to do this--and you need to deflate your tires--off-roading is incredible on Nantucket. If you're renting a car, try to get a Jeep Wrangler so you can take the top down. When you get to the end of Great Point, climb the lighthouse for breathtaking views of the entire island. You'll see tons of seals, too! Great Point is their favorite hangout spot on the island. 

4. Visit Cisco BreweryThis place is so much fun. Go on a warm day, and take the dog. The outside brewery offers live music, a ton of original beers, and transportation! This can't be missed. Unless, of course, you're under 21. ;)

5. Go shopping in town: I could do this every day. ;) I love downtown Nantucket. The cobblestone streets are so cute, and the stores are brimming with preppyness. Some of my favorites are In the Pink (carries a wide assortment of Lilly Pulitzer), Skirtin' AroundC.Wonder (a popup), Vis-a-VisMurray's Toggery ShopAddison CraigPeter BeatonThe Blue BeatleVineyard Vines and The Black Dog. (But there are tons more!)

Anyway, at some point--visit Nantucket... and get your prep on. You won't be disappointed!